Vitesse AuDessus Changing Lamborghini Aventador SV

Any cars aficionado would know what Vitesse AuDessus stands in the automobile world. It’s a US-based material specialist that offers custom deals to the customers and fills up any car with carbon fiber. Now it’s time for Lamborghini Aventador SV to go into their garage for a complete carbon fiber overhaul where they got rid of any plastic material and added red and white carbon fiber elements.

The end result Aventador looks like it’s out from video game Mirror’s Edge and that’s not a bad thing. The game is also about maneuverability and high speed just like this SV. A major portion of the car is painted white and just the bottom parts are colored red to give it extra punch. The top speed of the car is 200mph and it will make any normal car envy on the roads.


CEO of Vitesse AuDessus, Stefany Sanchez says, “There is no doubt that the Superveloce is an absolutely stunning supercar. One of the car’s few aesthetic failings lies in the use of highly visible plastic bodywork. Several SV owners approached us seeking a carbon fiber option for these parts, namely the front bumper, side skirts, rear diffusor, and mirrors.” Many supercar makers have been pushing towards the use of as much carbon fiber as they can; this shows the growing value of the carbon fiber. Recently even McLaren used carbon fiber in their lineup of 675LT Spiders.

Vitesse AuDessus not just added the carbon fiber to the car but they have gone quite further than that. They designed and crafted roof and wheels made of carbon fiber with the style being the choice of the customer. Vitesse AuDessus doesn’t hesitate in taking the car apart; this helps them to achieve the higher level of finesse and to fit handcrafted tinted gloss or matt finish depending on what you fancy. The parts they replace are stored in their special store if you ever want to revert back to the original.