Timur Bozca’s All Black Yacht Concept Revealed


A new yacht concept has been released by a famous yacht designer Timur Bozca. He has name his latest concept ‘The Black Swan’, as it possesses an all-black exterior as well as its interior, its target audience will most probably some stealthy customers. When in water, it’s all black aluminum outlook brings a shadow of an object across all of the ocean with its angular and curvy designs. The main features of the concept are its aerodynamic design and a noteworthy streamline silhouette which helps in increasing its efficiency as well as its performance. The concept comes rigged with a helicopter platform that is concealed on the top deck that is accessed through it. The pool is included on the aft deck of the yacht which Bozca calls “an extended beach club. The water from the pool flows into boats stern which dots all of the lounge chairs.


Other prominent elements are the two balconies that are situated on a bow of the yacht. Both of these balconies are confined with the help of glass railings that do not hinder the stunning views of the outside. The design of yacht is mostly focused on the Bozca’s “land-based architecture”, and we can see the hints of it in the yacht. The yacht has the capacity of accommodating up to 12 guests with the help of one master suite and six guest suites. The yacht has four engines and all work in coherence to produce more than 23,172hp.