This Concept sets BMW on course for next 100 years

On the eve of BMW’s 100th birthday, they have launched a concept “Vision Next 100”, this concept merges a sleek looking design and self-driving technology featuring a shape shifting interior. This next generation car was on display in BMW’s booth in Beijing Auto Show. The car has sports seat that can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the passengers to face each other. The center console and steering wheel can also be shifted along with the tires. The concept will now go on a world tour and its next stop is Paris Auto Show.

On June 16th, Mini and Rolls Royce are also going to unveil the concept as the both are owned by BMW and the event will be held in London. BMW Motorrad will next unveil the concept in Los Angeles on Oct 11. When the world tour will end the concept will be housed in BMW Museum Munich, Germany. Museum is currently displaying “100 Masterpieces, BMW Group — 100 years of innovative strength and entrepreneurial courage.” 

While the museum exhibition will have vehicles such as BMW 507, BMW Turbo and BMW 328 on display, the exhibition will take a look at BMW’s progress over the last 100 years and its many success stories. At the end of the year, BMW will hold a festival in Munich Olympic Park named “BMW: The Next 100 Years”

The anniversary of the brand is being celebrated with 13 centenary publications that trace the history of BMW group and its several subsidiaries (BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce). Later at the end of the festival, all the publications will be combined together and released as limited edition work.