The World’s Most Powerful Jaguar, Courtesy of the Project Predator

The Project Predator proves that nothing in the world is perfect and even the best still has some room for improvement. VIP Design, a British tuning company, has opened doors for Jaguar F-Type R AWD with their special custom made a monster. F-Types Project Predator has 650bhp in its raw form and still maintaining its beauty and the performance is slightly ahead from Jaguar own F-Type SVR performance model.

The F-Type Predator has 105 more horsepower than F-Types stock model and 75hps more than the SVR. The Predator contains ducts for better airflow, supercharger pulley, and exhaust system, new manifold and totally remodeled engine with the newly updated infotainment system. The Predator uses the same V8 engine in the stock F-Type model which makes it quite an accomplishment to achieve. The other differences the Predator have formed the stock are a stiffer suspension, strengthened dynamics, lower ride height, and new rear carbon fiber diffuser. Having all these nice performance upgrades, the Predator only cost £12,600, more than the original F-Type. In this £12,600, you can have a set of hand-cast music alloy wheels with AWD.

Paul Busby, the managing director of VIP Design said, “Since the jaguar F-Type was launched, the sleek lines in the V8 engine were always going to lend themselves to power upgrades, appeal to passionate drivers who are never going to settle for stock options. Our new package has created the most exciting F-Type available in the world and is certain to thrill serious petrol-heads anywhere.”

The growing number of tuning and performance companies has dedicated themselves to wreaking more horsepower from standard cars in the recent years and its expanding day by day. This shows the level of customization a combustion engine can endure. VIP Design is an amazing option if you have an old car that needs to be driven the way it was supposed to be.