The 9 Main Attractions at Geneva Auto Show

Geneva Motor Show has been ended with a lot of heart-wrenching cars on its display. All the cars shown have their unique qualities and you can’t just pass any of them without admiring it. There were many cars that were a great source of attraction, especially from the renowned brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Let’s have a look at main stars of the show:


Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti President Wolfgang Durheimer said, “It is part of human nature to cross boundaries and set new records.”

Bugatti Chiron was the center of attraction and the leading one among all the cars shown at the Geneva Show. Having top speed of 261mph and thrilling 1600hp, Chiron beats the all the other and considered to be world’s fastest car by overtaking Bugatti Veyron in specs.


Aston Martin DB11

By presenting Aston Martin DB11, Aston Martin tried to cover the difference between itself and its peers.

The Aston Martin’s CEO Dr. Andy Palmer said, “A brand new bonded aluminum platform, clever aerodynamics, a new characterful twin turbo V12 and class-leading infotainment systems are just a few aspects which make this the sports car that will proudly spearhead Aston Martin’s second-century plan.”


Porsche 911 R

At Geneva Motor Show, Porsche came with a single purpose of reducing the weight of their powerhouse 911 and remodel it as an R-model that will hopefully attract more fans towards it. 911 R weighs 3020 pounds with 500hp and a top speed of 201mph.


Rolls-Royce Black Badge Series

At Geneva Motor Show Rolls Royce unveiled the custom range of their Ghost and Wraiths models that they hope will appeal to younger customers. The Black Badge Series features black glass paint on the exterior including the Spirit of Ecstasy. In the same fashion, the interior features all blacks and purple shades to match up the exterior.


Lamborghini Centenario

Limited edition Centenario made a public debut at Geneva Motor Show but disappeared afterward as all the 40 models were sold out already. Centenario is powered by 770hp and a great geometric design; due to limited production many collectors were heartbroken after it sold out.


Maserati Levante

Maserati gave a big surprise by launching their first SUV Levante. The SUV comes with an Italian elegance. After it hits the road, Levante will be competing with the likes of Bentley Benteyga and Porsche Cayenne. The Maserati aims to break into the crossover market with its advanced technology and performance of Levante.

Arash AF10

Figures that oppose the Bugatti Chiron, the British built Arash AF10 packs four electric and a V8 with 208hp to offer. The car is specifically built for tracking though it is road legal. Its sits at the price of 1.1 million pounds, it still is cheaper than Bugatti Chiron.


Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner

This grand Limousine was built on the order of an anonymous client and this grand Limousine easily beats Mercedes Maybach Pullman as world’s largest and most luxurious passenger car. This grand Limousine proves Bentley’s ability to make any custom luxury edition to their cars that include bottle cooler, a soft drinks cabinet, and other interior luxury editions.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso profile

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso

GTC4Lusso replaces the Ferrari’s legendary FF that featured for the first time both all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. When high-quality ultra-intuitive infotainment system is mixed with FF’s performance numbers boosted, the result is a whole new level of excellence that will surely enchant the younger crowd.