Test Drive of Luxurious New McLaren 570GT in Tenerife

It surely gives you a luxurious feeling driving a supercar just like flying in a private jet or sailing in a yacht, but owning them is one step further. But there are some supercars that don’t necessarily feature many luxuries in them; they are more focused on delivering supreme performance and agility. McLaren 570GT directly fall into that category. Featuring same technology as used in 570S, the 570GT comes to the road with the distinctive vision and mission. Both cars having equally same performance numbers, the GT tends to be more luxurious than the other. Though this might be new turf for McLaren but let see how they have pulled the luxurious abilities to the 570GT.


McLaren being the most successful Formula One team, they launched their automotive division back in 2010. The first engine they developed becomes an instant hit in the supercar world. It’s a 3.8L twin turbo V8 with carbon fiber chassis and 7-speed Dual Clutch and as of now three lines of McLaren, supercars are being based on the same engine. The McLaren’s sports series is most attainable of McLaren inventory of which 570GT is part of. Through new technologies, McLaren is competing with the likes of Porsche 911 turbo and Audi R8.

The Sports Series started with 570S coupe and will soon have a convertible too in its lineup. Both features the same powertrain but convertible features sloping roofline, a compartment for luggage on top of the engine with the finest leather all over the interior. The 570GT apart from the trunk up front has luggage capacity of 13 Liters that’s more than the luggage capacity Mercedes-Benz CLS 4-door has. Other amenities McLaren include are soft closing butterfly doors, panoramic glass roof, and better insulation from the road, quieter tires, softer suspension and easier steering rack. 570GT comes with 562hp; it goes from 0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds with the top speed of 204mph.

The car was driven from Ritz-Carlton in Abama on the southern side of the island. The mountains on the sides were over 12000 feet above the sea level and were the highest point in all of the Spain. The thin atmospheric air hindered in achieving maximum power but fortunately, McLaren 570GT never lagged a bit.

The driver tested many McLaren’s supercars and was not much surprised by 570GT performance but it was the afterward that really give the goose bumps. The GT is a seriously fast car but at the same time it made you feel relaxed and ability to drive more. The 570GT is more livable and enjoyable than any other McLaren on the market and it’s quite an accomplishment.