Rolls-Royce’s 103EX, a Floating Concept

At the last Geneva Motor Show, BMW came up with its next 100 years concept. Now in the same fashion, Rolls-Royce has come up with their iteration of the concept. The concept certainly looks one of a kind and came right out of a sci-fi movie. They have named their floating concept 103EX. It’s a driverless concept and separated from previous Rolls-Royce models yet carries classic RR design. The concept is 20 feet long and 5 feet tall making it the largest concept car by a Rolls-Royce. Ironically, regardless of its size it only seats 2 passengers. On silk made sofa seats dubbed as Grand Sanctuary. A conventional steering wheel is replaced in favor of a large transparent glass display thus making a steering wheel obsolete.


The front grill on the concept is purely for cosmetic reasons as the engine is located at the back of the car and the luggage sits behind the front tires. Just like the BMW’s 100-year concept, the 103EX features the same elevated design tires that make the car look futuristic. Rolls-Royce concept got the mix reviews, some say it’s “Sublimely crazy” and others call it slightly ridiculous. The main features the concept has are artificial intelligent system acting as personal assistant named Eleanor and an LED carpet. Just like any other concept, this will also be a concept for a while. If Rolls-Royce does plan to release this concept it will not be before 2040.