Review: McLaren 675LT Spider Carbon Fiber

Since McLaren P1, the company has come up with a special edition of almost all their sports cars and it’s only fitting that they would make the special edition of 675LT. The positive reviews from the critics of P1 special edition have paved the way to make a custom special edition of their cars. Though in the past many special edition models were made in few numbers but 675LT is going to be their first special edition production car. But unlike other company’s production cars 675LT Spider is only limited to 25 units.

This charismatic car is mostly made from carbon fiber which is quite stronger and light weight. This comes home to be the McLaren’s mission to reduce the cars weight significantly and improving their performance. Though most of McLaren’s special edition Spiders features plenty of carbon fiber but this edition is taking things up a notch by using 40% more carbon fiber than any other Spider they have built. To fully show the use of carbon fiber not a single exterior panel of the car is painted.

Like most car manufacturers, weight shedding is the main overhaul they have done to be the spider and the engine remains untouched that is a 3.8 liter V8 Twin Turbo. The performance numbers of 675LT Spider are really staggering with 666hp and 518lb.ft torque. From standstill to 60mph it only takes 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 203mph. These performance numbers represent the original 675LT but they might also be for the Spider version. Other than the usage of carbon fiber, the new features include front wing louvers and three cameras for capturing the action of the track which comes as a part of a track telemetry pack.

Unfortunately, any of you who have gotten interested in the car, all 25 units have been sold before even their production has started. McLaren is planning to deliver the cars to their owners just around the Christmas.