Review: Range Rover Evoque Ember Special Edition

Ever since the Range Rover Evoque was first released, it quickly become world’s most successful and finest compact SUV on the market. Evoque won more 180 international awards and sold more than 520,000 models worldwide. To proclaim their success, Land Rover quickly ordered their factory to make a limited edition, tech savvy with special color schemes. They have called this limited edition Evoque Ember. The Ember edition has a distinct feel to it that the normal Evoque can’t match.

The Ash black with the hint of glowing red apposes the whole interior ambience. The coal black is also made available across the various parts of Evoque like wheels, grill and exhaust; meanwhile the roof is given the treatment of red color. Another contrasting feature in the interior is black leather seats with red stiches. The floor mats and carpeting follow the same pattern.


Phil Simmons, Land Rover’s Studio Director for Exterior Design Realization said,” We wanted to give the Range Rover Evoque Ember Special Edition a sporty feel; contrasting the intensity of the Firenze Red with Santorini Black really shows off the Evoque stand out proportions”. Another thing that makes Ember Edition special is the use of technology like the launch control that can make the SUV go insanely quicker even on the slippery surfaces.

The InControl Touch Pro, the Land Rover’s premium infotainment system gets an overhaul for Ember Edition. It now features HD white screen touch display with pinch to zoom, tap and swipe just like smartphones. The navigation system of Ember Edition works flawlessly as it syncs seamlessly with Land Rover route planner that sends information between handset and car supplier. The entire route is mapped out within few seconds.

Though the Ember Edition will only have limited number of SUVs available for three months this summer, but Land Rover is not letting the technology go in vein. The Ember’s signature technologies like low traction launch control and InControl Touch Pro will come standard in all of the incoming Land Rover models. The Ember Special Edition is Land Rover’s celebration model that people will lust over in coming months.