OCEANEMO 55 Superyacht Exhibited


Just like other yacht manufacturers, OCEANEMO has also unveiled their new design on Monaco Yacht Show. OCEANEMO has introduced their OCEANEMO 55 Sports Utility Yacht, the latest introduction to the OCEANEMO series.

This 55-meter superyacht has been designed by Fulvio De Simoni and it is perfect, particularly for those who are looking to bring their toys aboard. If we look into its interior we find small spaces that make an area for water toys and accessories. However, this does not mean at all that the design scrimps on the passengers’ need. But in real this yacht has been designed to best suit the particular specifications of the owner.

This yacht is perfect for those who like to have an athletic lifestyle while aboard. Designer Simoni provides a deck and a covered hanger. The deck has the capacity to accommodate various equipment whereas, in the hanger, owners can have a tender limousine, two water-jets and even a helicopter with folding wings. Another deck in the yacht can accommodate a luxury car or even an SUV and even a personal submarine if somebody wants to search what lies underneath the waves.

There is 45-meter long beach area where guests can relax, on the other hand, a 42 square meter covered veranda which provides shelter and privacy from bad weather.