New Audi Q5 at Paris Motor Show



The new Audi’s second generation has been introduced at the Paris Motor Show. This Audi Q5 is more like a crossover SUV (mid-sized SUV). It has been designed in such a way that it offers more interior space, stronger external styling and great off-roading ability.

This new Audi Q5 has the Audi’s Quattro system and it has the rallying achievements which give this SUV competitive edge of having extensive all-wheel-drive expertise. This new SUV has multi-link suspension set-up which will minimize the road bumps, easy to drive at crossing streams and perform brilliantly as a loader. If we compare the Audi Q5 with other small SUVs for the interior space than we can say Audi Q5 can handle a caravan or you can say horsebox.

The new exterior design of this SUV is quite mesmerizing and it enhanced the beauty of vehicle very well. The finishing touch of this SUV is quite admirable. Taking about the interior it has a large cabin with intelligent use of quality materials which are man-made; after all, it’s an Audi.

In Audi A5 you can a four-cylinder or six-cylinder petrol and diesel engine, likely the new A4 and A5 models. In the coming months, customers can have a sportier version of Q5 as well.

During its launch at Paris Motor Show Audi also revealed that in the near future we will also launch the plug-in hybrid version of Audi Q5.