Floating Seahorse Villa Emirati Style, Luxury Floating Homes

In 2015 when the first floating Seahorse sets off its journey, it impressed the people for an initiative of having a floating habitat with luxury fittings. Everyone at that time wanted to sleep in with the fishes. As they received positive feedback, European real estate company Kleindienst came up with their best version of the floating Seahorse villa concept. The floating Seahorse will be equipped with the Middle Eastern cultural touch and European design. The floating Seahorse is currently under construction in Dubai.


The floating Seahorse spans on the area of 4004 square feet across three levels. The special signature edition was made to take in with guests, groups and children of all ages. The signature edition also features four Flexi living area for eight adults and eight children. Each of the three levels is fitted to suit individual needs or they can be customized later for any personal needs of the guests.


The main feature of floating Seahorse is the underwater view from totally submersible bedrooms. From there the guests will be able to enjoy the view of the underwater coral gardens and marine life. The signature edition also features the rendition of nature’s aesthetic. This allows the guests to have all kinds of top notch finishes and custom interiors that completely incorporate the underwater life.


The company has ordered 40 signature editions to be developed in the coming years and each Seahorse will cost AED 12 million as the first phase will be completed in Oct 2016. For more information you can always visit www.thoe.com