Timur Bozca’s All Black Yacht Concept Revealed

A new yacht concept has been released by a famous yacht designer Timur Bozca. He has name his latest concept ‘The Black Swan’, as it possesses an all-black exterior as well as its interior, its target audience will most probably some stealthy customers. When in water, it’s all black aluminum outlook brings a shadow of an object across all of the ocean with its… Read More

A Powerful Mega Yacht, Shaddai

Everybody has a different concept of power and in the case of Gabriele Teruzzi, this raw power was transformed into an all-powerful design of mega yacht concept called Shaddai. The word means all-powerful and omnipotent. Many structures throughout the history of the world were conceived and made in this very concept of power and most prominent example of it is Pyramids of Egypt. This… Read More

Future of Yachting Seems Very Bright with CF8

CF8 Future Concept of Sea Level Engineering is one of the unique yacht designs out there. No details have been released by a Holland-based company that indicates the lack of pre-orders from potential clients. The data divulged by them tells that the yacht will be 262 feet long and will have the maximum speed of 20mph. The one picture shows that it will ironically… Read More

Migaloo comes to market with Submersible yachts

Having a squad of multiple submersible yachts and awesome floating habitat, Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts is planning to up their game by bringing new concepts in luxury and comfort that will deliver amazingly to the future. They are designing these yachts to make it possible to achieve the interest and aspiration for personalization and concealment from the outer world — according to the passengers,… Read More