OCEANEMO 55 Superyacht Exhibited

Just like other yacht manufacturers, OCEANEMO has also unveiled their new design on Monaco Yacht Show. OCEANEMO has introduced their OCEANEMO 55 Sports Utility Yacht, the latest introduction to the OCEANEMO series. This 55-meter superyacht has been designed by Fulvio De Simoni and it is perfect, particularly for those who are looking to bring their toys aboard. If we look into its interior we… Read More

Benetti Reveals Two New Models at Monaco Yacht Show

Every year for manufacturers and distributors get a great opportunity at Monaco Yacht to exhibit their unique and new designs implemented into yachts. Out of these yacht companies, Benetti always trumps themselves each year at Monaco Yacht show where they present best of what they have to offer. Their finest superyacht designs are the highlight of every yacht show. This year the Italian yacht… Read More

Gulf’s Craft M/Y Nashwan Superyacht Enter the Market

Gulf Craft, a great yacht builder has delivered yet again brilliant new luxury superyachts that will focus to enhance the luxury and the cruising experience in this ocean. They have launched it under the Majesty 135 Superyacht. Gulf Craft has just delivered their Majesty 135, the M/Y Nashwan which proves how popular Gulf Craft and their superyachts have become. The yacht is 41-meters long… Read More

Gulf Craft’s Second Majesty 122 Ghost II Finds a New Home and Owner

Gulf Craft launched their second iteration of a Superyacht in the Majesty 122 range and they have named it Ghost II. This 37.5-meter yacht was built specially for the Australian market and will be made available before August 2016 and for the same purpose, the Superyacht complies with all Australian Maritime Safety regulations. The second Majesty 122 Superyacht Ghost II has just been sold… Read More

Timur Bozca’s All Black Yacht Concept Revealed

A new yacht concept has been released by a famous yacht designer Timur Bozca. He has name his latest concept ‘The Black Swan’, as it possesses an all-black exterior as well as its interior, its target audience will most probably some stealthy customers. When in water, it’s all black aluminum outlook brings a shadow of an object across all of the ocean with its… Read More

A Powerful Mega Yacht, Shaddai

Everybody has a different concept of power and in the case of Gabriele Teruzzi, this raw power was transformed into an all-powerful design of mega yacht concept called Shaddai. The word means all-powerful and omnipotent. Many structures throughout the history of the world were conceived and made in this very concept of power and most prominent example of it is Pyramids of Egypt. This… Read More

In Focus: Bliss SuperYacht

Bliss superyacht unifies style with the latest technology in yachting. The Bliss is boosted by comfort and elegance yet having a nice speed to it. The Bliss carries multiple awards at many superyacht regattas, it also is the perfect vessel for luxury cruising. The Bliss was launched back in 2009 as a 37-meter long yacht design by Dubois Naval Architects and constructed by Yachting… Read More

In Focus: Super Yacht Lady Thuraya

Lady Thuraya refined and the sophisticatedly classic super yacht was custom built in Germany 1982 by famous makers Lubbe-Voss. Lady Thuraya is a 31m long artistic piece of engineering that went through a complete overhaul in 2009 that took 18 months. The overhaul made the Lady Thuraya an ultra-luxurious yacht with modern interior and classic exterior lines. Whether it’s on the shores or it’s… Read More

Floating Seahorse Villa Emirati Style, Luxury Floating Homes

In 2015 when the first floating Seahorse sets off its journey, it impressed the people for an initiative of having a floating habitat with luxury fittings. Everyone at that time wanted to sleep in with the fishes. As they received positive feedback, European real estate company Kleindienst came up with their best version of the floating Seahorse villa concept. The floating Seahorse will be… Read More

Future of Yachting Seems Very Bright with CF8

CF8 Future Concept of Sea Level Engineering is one of the unique yacht designs out there. No details have been released by a Holland-based company that indicates the lack of pre-orders from potential clients. The data divulged by them tells that the yacht will be 262 feet long and will have the maximum speed of 20mph. The one picture shows that it will ironically… Read More