Bombardier’s Antipode Aircraft Concept

How would it feel if you could fly from NY to London in just 11 minutes? Bombardier Antipode concept if put into production would be able to do that. The top speed of antipode will be Mach 24, which translates into 18,414 miles per hour, which is 12 times faster than Concorde. The company has green-lit the project under the name “The Skreemer”. Bombardier… Read More

Skylights in Embraer’s Private Jets

It got us really excited after learning about a private company who actually putting skylights into their planes. It might seem a bit out of ordinary but the amazing thing about this concept is, it will further enchant the aerial view. Whether you are in economy class or business class or have a private jet, the view will be beautiful. Most of the planes… Read More

Lillium: Making Aircraft’ Future Very Bright

European space agency is imagining for aircraft of the future that is egg shaped, fully electric powered and will have the ability to take off from helipads or runways because of its pivoting engines. Earlier this month ESA has said in a press release that the new plane, which will have a range of 300 miles is going to be called Lillium. They said,… Read More

Gulfstream’s Second G650ER added into Qatar Executive’s Fleet

Qatar Airways’ private jet division, the Qatar Exclusive is planning to take on its second G650ER from Gulfstream inventory as in coming months they are seeing the significant increase in the passengers. This will allow the passengers to fly non-stop from the Middle East to North America. The G650ER holds the distinction of being Qatar Executives best option for international travel. The first G650ER… Read More

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden sells his Private Aircraft in Harrods

Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden has recently made an announcement with the collaboration with London’s famed retailer Harrods to open a quick sell pop-up shop for private luxury jets. Dickinson currently being the chairman of Aeris Aviation, he will be providing with the funds for the pop-up shop they are going to open. Special edition private jet will be sold in… Read More

Private Jet of Vijay Mallya To Be Auctioned

As the infamous and ostentatious Indian billionaire out of the country, his employees at kingfisher airlines are hanging by a threat as they have been unpaid for seven months. The situation looks desolate for the Indian authorities to get Vijay Mallya to pay his debts. As he fled the country, the Indian authorities are closing on his belongings and assets. They hope selling his… Read More

Bombardier’s C Series Gets Certified

Bombardier’s new CSeries jetliner airworthy has been certified by the Canadian transportation of authorities, it will pave the new ways that will bring first medium-range passenger jet in 25 years to market. Canadian transportation minister Marc Garneau has said, “The certification of Bombardier’s CSeries is a historic moment for the Canadian aerospace industry.” “Bombardier can now take necessary final steps to deliver the CSeries… Read More

Crystal Cruises Sets For a Flight

The award winning luxury cruise brand Crystal Cruises does not seem to be much impressed by their current cruise services. This has made them expand their fleet of luxury jets with Crystal Luxury Air. The company is planning a 12 seat Bombardier jet to take flight in the near future. It will take the passengers to a luxurious, around the world tour. The new… Read More