BMW Becomes World’s Top Luxury Automaker


For the last couple of years, BMW has been leading the Luxury car manufacturing pack with quite a margin to spare. The German automaker sold a record 605,534 units of BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce Vehicles worldwide in just a quarter. The previous year has been the best year for BMW brand overall and from the looks of their first and second quarter sales they might break their own record this year.


In the first half of this year, they sold a staggering 986,557 units. The 2016 7-series saw a new high with 31.7% increase in demand. X1 Compact SUV was also high in demand with 61.7% increase in sales, selling more than 94,000 units; the X3 model hit a sales mark of 77,486 units with 16.6% bump in demand.

A New Beginning for Rolls Royce   


Just like its parent company BMW, the British Luxury automaker Rolls-Royce sold 1,133 cars mentioned in the new quarterly report, a record for RR. Almost half of the cars they sold were the new Dawn Convertible.

These sales figures tell us that most of the drivers are in for the idea of autonomous driving and electric mobility. All over the world for a couple of years, the car sales have been shattering the record despite being in a slack economy. BMW’s executive Mr. Kruger said, “Sustainable profitability on this scale provides us with the financial headroom we need to pursue our work on future technologies such as electric mobility and automated driving. For me, there is no either/or between the present and the future. The strength of today’s core business is the cornerstone of tomorrow’s success.

All over the world, the infrastructure for electric mobility and autonomous driving are being put especially in Europe where the government incentives are higher. Just in June this year 15% of the cars BMW sold in Netherlands were either electric or hybrid, same goes for the Scandinavia with 13.2% sale of these cars.

Battery Up gradation


BMW’s impressive figures don’t end here. As BMW i3 received a battery upgrade this July, more than 7,000 orders were placed, exactly three times more orders BMW received when the 1st Gen i3 was released. Due to new battery i3 can now drive up to 200 kilometers on a single charge, that is 35% more than the previous one.

The biggest obstacle in increasing the sales number for electric units is the range anxiety that comes with it, that isn’t an issue in gasoline power cars.