Aston Martin Vantage V12 S goes back to its roots

For the past five years, Austin Martin has upped the ante, with their latest Vantage V12 S, they have made it to their fastest production car in their lineup. The real news that has made this the car to have is the inclusion of a manual transmission that the most car enthusiasts want. Although the Vantage went back to the mechanical option, it still packs all the latest infotainment system with top notch navigation with a support of android auto and Apple’s Car Play.

Most of these goodies are included in the car just because there were limitless feedbacks from the customers and they have been heard now. The manual transmission is the real purist magnet as they long for the connection offer by the manual transmission.

Vantage has the seven-speed manual gearbox. Though the car in its standard trim came as an automatic, the manual gear costs not a single dime if you go with it. No matter which transmission you choose it can achieve the top speed of 205mph, and it goes 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds.

The transmission made by the Gaydon firm has packed a lot of technologies into it, and they have called their transmission AMSHIFT. Meanwhile on all the latest sports cars, paddle shifters are all the hype, so the Gaydon firm has put extra effects into it and made it more special. On the downshift the AMSHIFT allow it to tap onto the throttle and in the upshift it will cause the accelerator go flat.

Ian Minards, Director of project development, says, “Technology drives us forward, but we understand the importance of tradition. At the time when manual transmissions have almost entirely disappeared in high-performance cars, this makes the manual V12 Vantage S a very special car indeed”. Austin Martin needs to be applauded as the have listened to all of the feedback from the customers which have made the Vantage S a near perfect car.