A Powerful Mega Yacht, Shaddai

Everybody has a different concept of power and in the case of Gabriele Teruzzi, this raw power was transformed into an all-powerful design of mega yacht concept called Shaddai. The word means all-powerful and omnipotent. Many structures throughout the history of the world were conceived and made in this very concept of power and most prominent example of it is Pyramids of Egypt.


This mega yacht features a length of 150 meters bridging the distance between the sea and the sky. Space is provided on the upper deck of the yacht where you can relax by the pool and the amazing thing is, it is an infinity pool. The water from the pool drops to the lower deck like a waterfall into another infinity pool.

Main Deck of the Shaddai.

The luxury doesn’t just stop at the infinity pool, just below the main deck there is a 300sq.m beach club in the middle of the room and it acts both as an aquarium and boundary wall to the infinity pool. The beach helps in creating a spacious feeling to one’s in the room.

The Beach Club of the Shaddai.

Though there are plenty of luxuries in the yacht, but the main attraction of this mega yacht is its owner’s cabin above the beach club and the two decks. From the owner’s cabin below the deck, it offers the ocean’s view to almost infinity. There is another infinity pool in the owner’s cabin that is wonderfully designed, it really gives you the feeling that you might be in heaven.

The Suspended Cabin of the Shaddai.

All the luxuries in the interior of the yacht are not the whole story; the material and texture that the yacht is made off of are inspired by Italy’s finest fashion houses.