1200HP Ferrari’s F80 Concept That Will Break The Records of All Other Sypercars


Ferrari’s LaFerrari hypercar is ruling the world due to astonishing engineering and artistic looks. Now all fans of Ferrari all over the world anxiously waiting for the next model of Ferrari and wondering, will it be able to top the Laferrari. So Ferrari after considering the impatience came up with the decision not to let their fans wait too long.

Ferrari has decided to publish a detailed concept of their next hypercar Ferrari F80 concept. According to critics, if this concept or idea comes to the market then there is a great chance that it will break the record top speed and power of Bugatti’s Veyron.

According to the opinion of experts that F80 concept looks like a great attractive hypercar. This model of Ferrari will depend on Ferrari’s own hybrid KERS system and their well-known craftsmanship and officials said that F80 will produce 1200hp.


For the Ferrari F80, they are planning to replace the V12 engine of LaFerrari with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine paired with KERS. Maranello based team cleared the fact that even though the V8 engine is smaller one as compared to V12 but it doesn’t mean that it will generate less power.